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Larger Wildflower Sculptures

(All works have been sold - this is an archive but each sculpture can be commissioned)  

                                                        Glass Orchid - Ladies Tresses in sculpture with ferns and trout lilies          Contact Us        336 359 2600

     Ladies Tresses in the Ferns


The price range for this group of wildflowers is from $2200 to $18000

             14-21 inches tall  ...    a solid, organically inspired glass base grounds every glass sculpture                


Birch Hilll Lilies - Ronnie Hughes Glass   Flameworked borosilicate glass flowersYellow Bearded Iris with two buds   Ronnie Hughes Glass   21" tallOrchid Phramgapedium Grande    Lampworked or flameworked glass with individual blown glass white blossoms

            Birch Hill Lilies                          Yellow Iris          Phrag Grand Three Orchid   


      Japanese Bleeding Heart  

       Oswego Tea (Bee Balm)

New Hope Slippers  Pink Lady Slipper)closeup

Cattleya Coerulea  Orchid 


             Wild Susans Three - Triptych

          Paph-Lowii Orchid

     Vanda Scandens Orchid

Orchid Golden Susans


    Phalaenopsis Aphrodite   (close up)

      Ghostly Sanctuary

  Phrag Scarlett O'Hara

Bee Balm Meditation


   Cymbidium Orchid

      Sentinels  (Turk'sCapLily)

           Coelogyne Pandurata

Blue Dream Galax 



Christines' Forest Fantasy




****  Example of one collectors' placement of our sculptures on bedroom mantle  *****


The artist developed this base almost 27 years ago to complete his creative vision.  Now his sculptures had the continuity they had not had using other mediums as bases. He felt this discovery enhanced his goals of showing movement, detail and delicacy in his sculptures.  
 All sculptures range from 13 inches to 21 inches tall,  but all will vary slightly since each is original. 


Interior Design example

Phalaenopsis Aphrodite small 

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Medium Wildflower Sculptures

Smaller Works

The Artist

 Exhibition Schedule 

 Other Information


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