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                                                         Ronnie Hughes


                                                                        Schedule 2017  (incomplete)


 Jan 7-8                      Las Olas Art Festival                                      Ft. Lauderdale, FL 

 Jan 14-15                  Bonita Springs National Art Festival           Bonita Springs, FL

 Feb 4-5                     Art Fest Fort Myers                                        Ft. Myers, FL

 Feb 16-19                Palm Beach Fine Craft Show                         Palm Beach Convention Center   Booth 2107

 Mar 10-12                Palm Beach Contemporary                            Palm Beach, FL  Booth

 Apr 22-23                Mainsail Art Festival                                      St Petersburg, FL  Booth 105

 May 4-7                   New Orleans Jazz Festival                             New Orleans, LA  K Tent

 May 13-14               Bethesda Fine Arts Festival                           Bethesda, MD    Booth 33

 May 20-21               Bruce Museum Festival                                  Greenwich, CT

 Jun 16-18                Lakefront Festival of the Arts                       Milwaukee, WI

 Jul  7-9                    Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff                            St Joseph, MI

 Jul 20-23                 State Street Art Fair                                      Ann Arbor, MI

 Sep 22-24                Tennessee Craft Fair                                      Nashville, TN

 Oct  6-8                   St James Court Art Show                               Louisville, TN  Booth SJ 247

 Oct 20-22               NC Mtn Arts Adventure Studio Tour             My studio
















Schedule 2016

 Jan 2-3                     Naples New Year Art Festival                         Naples, FL   Booth 

 Jan 9-10                   Las Olas Art Festival                                       Ft. Lauderdale, FL   Booth

 Jan 30-31                 Bonita Springs National Art Festival            Bonita Springs, FL

 Jan 30-Feb 1            43rd Art Fest Beth -El  Invitational              St. Petersburg, FL

 Feb 6-7                    ArtFest Ft Myers                                             Ft. Myers, FL

 Feb 26-28                Palm Beach Fine Craft Show                         Palm Beach Convention Center    Booth 301

 Mar 11-13                65th Annual  Under The Oaks Art Show      Vero Beach, Fl   Booth # 179

 Mar 18-20                Sidewalk Art Festival                                     Winter Park, FL   Booth # 29

Apr 8-10                    Woodlands Waterway Art Festival                Houston, TX   Booth # 54

 Apr 16-17                 41st Mainsail Art Festival                             St Petersburg, FL  Booth #105

 Apr 29- May 1          Brookside Art Annual                                   Kansas City, MO   Booth # 54

 Jun  17-19                Lakefront Art Festival                                  Milwaukee, WI 

 Jul 9-10                    Krasl Art Fair on the Bluff                           St. Joseph, MI

 Jul  14-17                50th Central PA Festival of the Arts            State College, PA  Booth P-21

 Jul 21-24                  State Street Art Fair                                      Ann Arbor, MI    Booth B5052

 Sep 2-4                     Long's Park Art Festival                               Lancaster, PA   Booth 117

 Sep 9-10                   St. Louis Art Fair       (tentative)                  St. Louis, MO 

 Sep 23-25                 Tennessee Craft Fair                                     Nashville, TN                  Booth  A31  

 Sep 30-Oct 2            60th St. James Court Art Show                 Louisville, KY     Booth SJ247

 Oct 14-16                 NC Mountain Arts Adventure                       My Studio is Open - I'm demonstrating  10-5 daily  336 359 2600

 Oct 20- 23                Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands          Asheville, NC                                                 

 Oct 28-Jan 3           Taken From Heart, Given By Hand               Wilkes Art Gallery Wilkesboro, NC




Schedule 2015

 Jan 3-4                   Las Olas Art Festival                                           Ft. Lauderdale, FL   Booth 227

Jan 10-11               Bonita Springs National Art Festival                 Bonita Springs,  FL  

Jan 31-Feb 2          42nd Art Festival Beth-El  Invitational             St. Petersburg, FL

Feb 7-8                   ArtFest Ft Myers                                                     Ft. Myers, FL

Feb 27-Mar 1         Palm Beach Fine Craft Show                             Palm Beach Convention Center

Mar 13-15              Under the Oaks Art Fair  Sick had to cancel        Vero Beach, FL

Apr 18-19               40th Mainsail Art Festival                                 St Petersburg, FL

May 1-3                  Brookside Art Annual                                        Kansas City, MO   Booth 54

Jun 19-21               Lakefront Festival of Art                                   Milwaukee, WI    Booth 79

Jun 26-28               Des Moines Art Festival                                     Des Moines, IA  LN35

Jul 9-12                  49th Central PA Festival of the Arts                State College, PA  Booth P-21

Jul 15-18                State Street Art Fair                                         Ann Arbor, MI  Booth B550

Sep 4-6                   Long's Park Art Festival                                   LancasterPA

Sep 25-27               Tennessee Craft Fair                                        Nashville, TN   Booth A31

Oct 2-4                   59th St James Court Art Show                          Louisville, KY  Booth SJ247

Oct 16-18               NC Mountain Arts Adventure                          My Studio is Open - I'm demonstrating  10-5 daily  336 359 2600







Schedule 2014

Jan 4-5                   Las Olas Art Festival                                         Ft. Lauderdale, FL   Booth 227

Feb 1-4                  41st Art Festival Beth-El  Invitational              St. Petersburg, FL

Feb  8-9 cancelled  Boca Museum of Art 28th Mizner Park Festival   Boca Raton, FL  Booth 211  sorry we'll try and see you at Palm Beach

Feb 28-Mar 1        Palm Beach Fine Craft Show                            Palm Beach Convention Center  Booth 201

Mar 7-9                 Under the Oaks Art Festival                            Vero Beach, FL

Apr 25-27              New Orleans Jazz Festival                               New Orleans, LA Tent I

May 2-4                 Brookside Art Annual                                      Kansas City, MO   Booth 2

Jun 20-22              Lakefront Festival of Art                                 Milwaukee, WI    Booth 42

Ju1 10-13              Central PA Festival of the Arts                       State College, PA   Booth P21

Ju1 16-19              State Street Art Fair                                        Ann Arbor, MI   Booth B542  

Aug 29-31             Long's Park Arts & Craft Festival                 Lancaster, PA  Booth 301

Sep 5-7                  Saint Louis Art Fair                                        Clayton, MO  Booth 618

Oct 3-5                  St. James Court Art Show                              Louisville, KY  Bth SJ247

Oct 17-19              NC Mountain Arts Adventure                       My Studio is Open - I'm demonstrating  10-5 daily  336 359 2600

Oct 31-Nov 2         27th Annual Washington Craft Show           WashingtonDC   Booth 200




"Lifeforms" Exhibition - Merwin and Wakeley Galleries - Il Wesleyan University  Chicago   May 7- July 25, 2014

 The Third Annual Studio Art Glass Exhibition - Jailhouse Gallery    Morganton, NC  June 2 - July 11, 2014

"Born from the Hand" - Womble Carlyle Gallery Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts- Winston Salem NC  Mar 21-May 3, 2014

"Lifeforms" Exhibition - National Liberty Museum - Philadelphia, PA   Jan 17- April 20, 2014

 "Lifeforms"  Hodge Gallery - Pittsburg Glass Center   Jul 5- Nov 11,  2013

Philharmonic Center for the Arts   - ARTIS  - Naples, FL

 Clyde Butcher Gallery - Ochopee, FL

 Piedmont Craftsmen Gallery - Winston-Salem, NC






Schedule 2013


Jan 5-6       Las Olas Art Festival   Ft. Lauderdale, FL  Booth 227

      The following show had to be cancelled, apologies, Ronnie's ill.

Feb 23-24   Naples National Art Festival  Naples, FL  Booth 58

Mar 1-3      Palm Beach Fine Craft Show  Palm Beach, FL  Booth 201

Mar 8-10    Under the Oaks Art Show Vero Beach, FL

Apr 20-21   Mainsail 38th Art Festival  St Petersburg, FL

May 24-25  Boca Grande Invitational Art Festival  Boca Grande, FL 

Jun 8-9       Old Town Art Fair  Chicago, IL   Booth 190

Jun 14-16   Open Studio Tour   NCMAA (open only twice a year) 10-5 pm 

Jul 11-14    Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts  State College, PA  Booth P21

Jul 17-20    State Street Art Fair  Ann Arbor, MI  Booth B542

Aug 23-25  American Craft Exposition  Evanston, IL

Aug 30-1    Long's Park Arts & Craft Festival  Lancaster, PA

Sep 6-8       St. Louis Art Fair  Clayton, MO  

Oct 4-6       St. James Court Art Show   Louisville, KY  Booth SJ 247

Oct 18-20   Open Studio Tour   NCMAA (open only twice a year) 10-5 pm 

Nov 1 -3      26th Annual Washington Craft Show  Washington, DC  

Nov 7-10    37th Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show  Philadelphia, PA