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              Welcome to Hughes Glass Studio  /  Wildflower Sculptures in Glass



                           Tucked away in my studio near the Blue Ridge Parkway in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina,  I have made my blown glass wildflower sculptures for 40 years.  This web site is intended to give you (my loyal and new collectors) better access to my newer glass flowers.  All sculptures are "for sale" but all may not be currently available .  Visit our different glass galleries by ckicking on the above photos.  You can also scroll down this page for lists --by year-- of our newest flowers & awards - ( page down ).     


Call (336) 359-2600   or   Contact Us  to get more details on our  flower sculptures or to talk custom work (i.e., sizes, prices, etc. )   

if  contact link doesn't work please type   then  "found your website" in subject line .    


                                                                                                                                                   Ronnie Hughes



Upcoming -   2018 Exhibition Schedule



"Inspiring Earth's Mysteries"  -  current exhibit at the Focus Gallery - Folk Art Center Asheville NC continues til October 31, 2017


Thank you Orchid Lake Fine Art Show for presenting me with the "Award of Excellence" 




                                               PBS Television Feature aired April 2016  - Filmed at my studio spring 2016







""                           "Lola's Garden "  glass quadtych  "modifiable sculpture"


             (The garden grows on the right just by opening its bases.  Two red Bee Balms crown this garden of yellow Japanese Irises and white Shooting Stars)


 Recent News/Honors





Recent commission "Birds of Paradise" for Longwood Garden's (Kennett Square, PA) Christmas Tree Display




(Photos courtesy of Longwood Gardens)


   This process is freehand lampworking, using borosilicate colored and clear glass.






"Taken by Heart, Given by Hand'      Wilkes Art Gallery

Wilkesboro NC  October 28 - December 23, 2016 


"Lifeforms"  Merwin and Wakeley Galleries

 Chicago -Illinois Wesleyan U.  May 7- July 25, 2014


"The Third Annual Studio Art Glass Exhibition"

  Jailhouse Gallery  Morganton, NC  Jun 2- Jul 11, 2014




Display ideas from our collectors of our work:


                           On bedroom mantle     ....        Dining Room   ....       Foyer Entry of summer house   ....      Wall Constructed Display 




Born from the Hand  Womble Carlyle Gallery  Milton Rhodes Center for the Arts

 Winston-Salem, NC    Mar 21- May 3, 2014


"Lifeforms"  National Liberty Museum - Philadelphia, PA   Jan 17- April 20, 2014


     "Lifeforms"  Hodge Gallery - Pittsburg Glass Center   Jul 5- Nov 11,  2013


"Liberty in Bloom" - A Glass Flower Show   National Liberty Museum -                  Philadelphia, PA    March 4-April 29, 2012  




                           Glass Orchid                                                   Quadtych 

                                            " Phalaenopsis Aphrodite"                     "Wild Susans with Goosenecks"




Our website is still being improved and we expect it to be a work in process.  

Until I can get all page links for our show exhibition schedule please use this link in the meantime:  Current Schedule







Please click below to see versions of each new blown glass flower!  


          New Glass in 2016:      Blue Bonnet,  Flame Azalea, Yellow Japanese Irises Two,       


          New Glass in 2015:      Spotted Sun Orchid, Star Gazer Lily,     


          New Glass in 2014:      Lola's Garden, Bird of Paradise, Cherry Daffodil (Ruby Throated Hummer), Hyacinth


          New Glass in 2013:      White Trout Lily,  Yellow Iris Iris Quartet, Heather Box, Green Cymbidium


          New Glass in 2012:      Phalaenopsis"Yellow Beauty", Pink Phalaenopsis single, Vanda Scandens shadow box,  Iris Joy


          New Glass in 2011:      Phalaenopsis single,  Cornflowers,  "Procession" Phrag Wall Piece,  Sunrise Iris,  Phrag Colorida,  Wild Thistle,  Bee Balm Meditation,

                                                        Small Oswego Tea


          New Glass in 2010:      Flowers:  Calla (domestic) /Dec '10, Blue Dream Galax,  Venus Slipper , close up, custom Linnea Flower, Spring Lily, White iris, Yellow Iris,

                                                         Susans and Goosenecks Quadtych, Camellia, custom Blue Columbine, Twinflowers

New Glass in 2009:      Flowers:  Wild Susans Quadtych,  Cymbidium (Green Fantasy),  Phrag Scarlet O'Hara, Double Trout Lily , Ghost Tree Bachelor                                                Button,  Lavender Galax  

          New Glass in 2008     Flowers:  Ghostly Sanctuary,   Birch Hill Lilies ,  Coelogyne Pandurata, Wild Calla Lily Three , Wild Columbine , Red Columbine, Ghost Box

                                                         Japanese Bleeding Heart (Small) , New Hope Slippers , Paph Lowii,  Custom Lily , Wild Susans Three, custom White Flags


          New Glass in 2007:      Vanda Scandens Orchid , Vanda Scandens (smaller) , Cattleya Coerulea,  Purple Passion Iris Purple Passion Iris (close up) ,

                                                         Encyclia Cochleata


          New Glass in 2006:      Ladies Tresses in the Ferns , Lillium Superbum , Bluets Phragmepedium Grande Three  , Phalaenopsis Aphrodite,  Wild Susans ,

                                                         Lady Yellow Japanese Bleeding Heart  , Rhododendron


          New  Glass in 2004/5:    Blue Flag Iris ,  Birdfoot Violet  , Clair de Lune Orchid ,  Downy Yellow Violet  , Ghost Orchid - (a very rare native

                                                        wildflower of Florida)  Galax   Trillium Grandiflora , Meadow Thistle , Mecca Iris, "retired"  Snowy Lady Orchid Phrag Grande Orchid ,

                                                        Oswego Tea , Petites Fleurs, Iris Blue , White Lily of the Valley , Wild Calla Lily,  Pink Moccasin Flower , Black-eyed Susans clear



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